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Electronic Design

Rug-Rel offers design services for varying electronics product categories from IoT end points to IND/MIL Rugged Systems according to customer specifications.

Product Prototyping

We offer quick hardware prototype design and development for varied categories of electronic products. We focus about designing the product according to the functional requirements of the product with a keen eye on meeting other critical aspects like performance, quality and cost constraints. We systematically gather all the product specifications from the customer before we proceed towards implementing the design. We also offer quick turn-around cycle for testing the market response with the help of rapid product prototyping using wisely chosen DVK, COTS enclosures and packaging options.

Embedded Systems Design

We provide the end to end design services for embedded products with intelligently and judiciously architected systems around micro-controller, micro-processor, CPLD, FPGA or combination of these control and hardware acceleration components. With the help of highly experienced engineers, we carryout PCB Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Firmware, RTL and Software development, Mechanical Enclosure design, Wire harness, Integration, Testing, Compliance Certification(CE, FCC, MIL, IP) and Deployment.

We do offer most optimum and contemporary design solutions to customers who come to us with innovative product ideas and market opportunities though they may not be from electronics background by translating their product and market requirements "In plain English" to comprehensive technical product specifications using our standard exhaustive product specification gathering process and implement the design with our time tested PDLC process and enable them benefit from business opportunities in the crucial market window for the product.

PCB Design Services

We can take up complex multi-layer PCB designs with high-speed serial interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, SRIO, DDR3/4 with standard VME, cPCI, VPX or custom Bus Architectures. We ensure the flawless working of the PCBs in the expected environment by thorough thermal, signal integrity and power integrity modelling and simulation.

Mechanical Design

We are an expert team for Industrial and Rugged Systems. We have a strong design, simulation, manufacture and Integration team. We employ industry standard design and simulation tools and practices to make our systems comply with various Environmental, EMI/EMC and IP Standards.

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